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Still going strong!


Hey guys!

Things are going very well for The Yankee Fan and me. We’re coming up on the 3-month “official” mark soon and things are still pretty great! We end up seeing each other just about every day, including a lot of sleepovers. We’re still honey-mooning big time, but at the same time, our relationship still feels mature. Everything is still very exciting and we do a lot of interesting things. We’ve gone to the symphony (with plans to go again soon), comedy shows, and a few concerts. We even going to Cooperstown, NY during my birthday weekend in May to go camping, see my VERY favorite band, and hit up the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Since we both work for the Red Sox, we also have that to look forward to doing together starting next week. It’s great.

Now that I’m in this relationship and I know that it’s real, it’s fun to look at how different it is compared to dating other dudes. He is completely 100% into me and I have no insecurities about it. I’m not worried when he’s not texting me, I’m not panicking or second guessing myself. And it’s not just because it’s been a few months. Even in the beginning, I was very calm about everything. It is a great feeling.

Even when he was gone for a week in the midwest, I had no worries. His band played some shows in Ohio and in Chicago and were gone for close to a week. I missed him a lot, and he missed me, but everything was fine. I did cry the night before he left, which was so silly (we were both laughing through it), but it was only because I’d miss him. We talked every day (through text and snaps- neither of us are big phone talkers) and we had a great reunion.

So there it is! 😀


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

2 thoughts on “Still going strong!

  1. Lovely to read this – sounds great!

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