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Mr. Baseball


Holy crap, you guys. I am suddenly and unexpectedly back in action. I’m also so excited about this, that I’m writing this way before I should. However, the way things are going, I’d have too much to write about by the time our date rolls around NEXT WEEK. Anyway, here it goes.


I got a bling from OKCupid that a guy with a high match percentage was looking at my profile last Thursday night around midnight. I was just getting ready for bed, but took a second to check it out. He had a lot in his profile that I didn’t take the time to read since I was so tired, but I saw that he was pretty cute and with a 95% match, I decided to bookmark him for the next day. I rated him 5 stars and received a message that he had rated me high as well. Even though I planned to do so the next day, I sent a quick message saying “Hi! We match pretty high, so you must be cool” basically. He messaged me back, said the same, and I told him that I only wanted to say hi quickly before I went to bed and that I would message him in the morning. He commented that he liked that I liked baseball and looked forward to chatting later.

The next morning, I read his profile and totally swooned. This guy is straight up hilarious and is even more obsessed with baseball than me. We had a lot of things in common and I was so glad I chose to look at him the night before. I wrote to him and we started chatting. After about an hour, we switched to texting.

We haven’t stopped chatting yet.

Mostly we chat about baseball and light hearted stuff. It hasn’t turned into anything inappropriate at all. It’s 100% clean and friendly, but still on the flirty side. We’re both really digging each other and are super pumped to meet up.

Downfall is that he lives about an hour away with a weird work schedule, so that makes things a little difficult for now. We do have our first date set for next Thursday. I got us free tickets to the Red Sox game (even though he HATES the Red Sox. Die hard Rays fan. He couldn’t be 100% perfect!), so we’re going to be going to that and grabbing milkshakes.

Despite his pure hatred of the Red Sox, he bought a Red Sox shirt to wear to the game. It’s of course a player shirt of a player that played for the Rays before the Sox, but the fact that he bought a Red Sox shirt for me kills me.

Soooo yea. Fingers crossed!


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

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