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Every Bunny loves a good Bar Hop


So I am a HUGE fan of anything that allows me to dress in costume. It’s why I do Santacon every year. So when I discovered, through my Santacon friends, that Boston has an Easter Bunny pub crawl, I was over the moon. Last year, I couldn’t attend, but this year I made the Boston Bunny Bar Hop a priority. I invited Baby Bender to come along with my group of friends, since I know how he feels about costumes and pub crawls- the exact way I feel about them. He was just as excited as I was and met up with my roommate and me at the first stop.

Basically, we went through the whole night with bunny ears and glow sticks, hitting up the list of Bunny Approved bars in Cambridge. I had put together this really awesomely adorable/hot (go figure how that worked) outfit for my black and pink bunny costume. I got a lot of comments over my mini skirt and how my ass looked (seriously, I had never received so many compliments over my ass from so many strangers, it was a really weird feeling). I even got propositioned for a threesome with this couple. Baby Bender had a field day watching me deal with that.

So we were all pretty drunk and decided to grab Chinese food afterwards. Baby Bender and I had not been physical at all that night, aside from sitting close to each other on the couch at one bar. At the restaurant, we got a little cuddly, but nothing out of my usual nature.

Baby Bender lives downtown, whereas I live in the hipstery college neighborhoods. We were close to my house, which means far from his, so my roommate slyly asked him if he planned on staying with us. He looked at me and asked if he was and I told him he could if he wanted to.

He came home with us.

I didn’t know what his thoughts were, so I thought I’d let him do whatever he wanted really. We have an extra bed that he could have slept in, or he could stay with me of course. He followed me into my room and just stripped down and got into bed. I shrugged and changed my clothes and got into bed with him. He pulled me up to him and we just cuddled.

We stayed up talking and laughing for a few hours, when I jumped out of bed to check my bass guitar for something. When I got back into bed, he pulled me on top of him and I was a little conflicted. I knew we couldn’t have sex, thanks to my little problem, but I didn’t want to get into that whole thing with him that night. I didn’t want to tease him or lead him on, so I just kind of snuggled to him and kissed his cheek. I crawled off of him and kept cuddling with him. We started kissing, which led to a little fooling around. I told him we couldn’t have sex and he responded “Yea, that’s cool. I can still be horny and want you though, right?” I laughed and told him of course, and we just kept making out and getting all handsy. He was little shocked when he discovered my nipple piercings, because oh yea, did I tell you that my nipples were pierced? Basically that’s how that happened, haha. Anyway, nothing really escalated, and we just fell asleep afterwards.

After sleeping all day, I got up and my roommate and I decided we wanted to cook breakfast. I told him that we were going to the store and he could just stay and sleep if he wanted to. He ended up coming with us and the three of us had this cute little day of doing nothing at all at my apartment with an awesome breakfast. He ended up leaving around 4 that afternoon.

We text each other quite a bit, all innocent. Mostly about baseball, hockey, and boxing. Like I said a million times, I don’t care if nothing pans out with him. Honestly,  I don’t expect anything to. I just love being around him. He’s hilarious and a blast to be around. If all we do is get beers, watch hockey games, and make out every now and then- I’m more than okay with that.

I have this really awesome picture of the two of us from the bar hop. I wish I could post it, because it’s hilarious. Maybe one of these days.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

2 thoughts on “Every Bunny loves a good Bar Hop

  1. Nice to just enjoy someone’s company 🙂

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