Are You Friggin' Kidding Me?

One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

Oh, hi. I’m still alive.


Sorry guys. I’m still around, but I am completely overloaded with just so much crap.


Basic rundown: I work 9-5 while doing social media for my startup and my radio show. I also will be working most evenings at Fenway Park and I now write for a Red Sox magazine.

Phew. SO much going on, it’s insane. All good things, though!

However, tomorrow I’m spending the day with Baby Bender for St Patrick’s Day (supposedly, we’ll see if he shows up). My Muay Thai coach made me partner with Bag Buddy the other night in class, so I got to kick him and throw him around a little bit, which was nice to get out of my system finally (we’re friends again though so it’s okay). Mini Marky Mark is around, but we haven’t hung out in like a month. Oh and Baseball Player is back around, which is exciting.

ALLLLLL the boys and NO time for them. Stupid.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

5 thoughts on “Oh, hi. I’m still alive.

  1. Hope you had a great St Pattys day! Congrats on all your things going on!

  2. Glad to see you’re back!! But let me ask you a question a bit unrelated to this…and I promise it will make sense once I write an update post….but how is it that you find time to do all the things you do?!?! Working the 9-5, working at Fenway, writing for the Sox, doing Muy Thai, and still having time to date!!! Please tell me your secret!!!

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