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One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

“I just love this girl, because she’s so awesome and everyone should love her”


Well, wow. The past two weeks have been completely out of control.

So after the whole thing with the Bag Buddy kissing me and being all sweet to me- Yea, let’s catch up from there.

Please stop me if this gets jumbled and yell at me to clear it up for you. It’s complete chaos.

I hadn’t heard from MMM and decided not to reach out until after Valentine’s Day. I didn’t know where our “relationship” stood and didn’t want to build any expectations from the holiday. So I figured, I’d wait until Friday and then see if he wanted to hang out over the week. Unless, of course, he got to me first.

However, during the entire week, Bag Buddy called me a handful of times to just chat. He thanked me for always being sweet to him and taking care of him. He called me last Monday night, when I got hit hard with a mystery illness, to see if I was feeling okay and to ask me if I needed anything. He would text me throughout the week.

Oh, and #SecretCrush came back to the gym out of NOWHERE. I stopped in Wednesday night to talk to some of the guys for my radio show and he was randomly there. We grabbed some frozen yogurt with one of our other gym friends afterwards. It was fun to catch up with him!

So, Friday came and went and I didn’t message MMM. He also has not reached out to me either. I wasn’t freaking out too much about it, other than just feeling slightly sad that I wasted so much time and energy on him. I had been talking to some of my girl friends about him and Bag Buddy, including friends from our gym, and I realized that maybe I should give Bag Buddy a chance. Who knows, right? And if MMM had wanted to hang out with me, he’d put some effort into it, right?

On Sunday, my gym had this big event where we invite other gyms to come over for some smoker fights. It’s always so much fun to go to- you watch a bunch of Muay Thai fights and then we all go get trashed afterwards. However, in the middle of the whole thing, my BFF from the gym and I had plans to go to Boston University to see our friend’s senior thesis performance (he’s another kid from the gym and a theatre major- we always go to his performances). Bag Buddy was one of our guys who signed up to fight on Sunday, so I helped him get psyched up for his fight (that was mostly why he called me all week beforehand- he needed reassurance and I’m the ultimate cheerleader.

He had his fight, he did well, and then we watched everyone else’s fights. We flirted throughout the day, but everyone was flirting with everyone, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Mostly, I was busy being the Social Director of the evening (that’s always my job- figuring out where we’re going and then getting ahold of everyone to tell them where we are).

Bag Buddy and I ended up having some alone time as we walked together to my BFF’s house to drop off his gear before heading to the bar. We didn’t talk about anything substantial. Just small talk (mostly, it was snowing like crazy so it was hard to have a real conversation). We got everyone together and then went to the bar. He and I split a pitcher and started drinking.

#SecretCrush came out of nowehere (not really, I texted him to let him know where we are) and I just always swoon when he’s around. However, I’m pretty sure he only sees me as a friend and I’m perfectly okay with that. He and I had a heart to heart about life, since we hadn’t seen each other in months. Things were good.

After a beer or two, I decided to make my move. I wanted to let Bag Buddy know that I was open to maybe starting something, so, since he was sitting next to me, I put my hand on his knee. It totally caught him off guard- to the point where he made a small scene about it- but he went along with it and just held my hand. When it came time for me to leave to go to BU, he got a little sad. I told him I’d be back in an hour after the show- that I always went to this kid’s shows and this was a big one. He kissed me and told me to text him when we were coming back.

The show was PHENOMENAL, by the way. It was a 1 man 45 minute show- in the middle of each performance, the actor would do a scene, thanking everyone. My friend turned and faced me and our other friend and made a whole scene about how much he was thankful for us in particular and how much we mean to him. It was a tear jerker for sure.

Anyway, we headed back to the bar to see that out of the group, there were only 3 guys left. And there were 2 girls there. One was all over one of the guys and one was trying to get up on Bag Buddy. He just looked at me, with this puppy dog face, and grabbed his phone. Once he finished typing, he pointed to me and then to the phone, signaling that he had just texted me. I checked my phone and he said that the other guy had asked him to wingman for him and he was annoyed and didn’t know how to get out of it. I just laughed and smiled at him and got friendly with the girl that was all over him. I felt bad for this girl, because she had no chance against me. She thought I was “so awesome and pretty” and I wanted to just say “yea, so that’s why you should leave…”, but I just let it play out. The third guy, myself, and my BFF ended up grabbing another table nearby and left the 4some at their booth.

Bag Buddy kept texting me, asking me to grab him away from this girl. I walked over there and pulled him to our table. At this point, he was really drunk and I had sobered up since I stopped drinking 2 hours before and decided I was done for the night. After some random drama from the girl who was hitting on him, he was able to chill out in peace at our table. He got all snuggly with me and just outright asked “Do you like me?” I just kinda smiled and nodded and he asked me how I liked him. I told him that I wasn’t completely sure and that it was all sudden and new to me. He ended up just leaning in and kissing me. A lot. Lots of kissing. It was slightly awkward, with our friends at the table, but it was friends that knew there was something going on between us and are rooting for the two of us to get together. I did have to push him off a little, since he was drunk and I didn’t want to get  drunk ramblings confused with actual real feelings.

So then he just yells to everyone at our table, and basically to the entire bar, “I just love this girl. She’s just so awesome and pretty and has always been there for me. Everyone should just love her.” I don’t know if I’ve ever been more embarrassed. Not because that was embarrassing, I just am weird when all the attention is on me. Our friends just looked at me and smiled and agreed with him, saying that they already loved me.

I had to leave, since I worked in the morning. We kissed as I left and we had made (drunken) plans to get together, the two of us, sometime soon. After I left, my friends ganged up on him, telling him that he needed to man up, without the alcohol, and admit that he liked me sober and take me out on a date ASAP.

Monday came and went and we chatted a little bit. I asked how his hangover was treating him and we talked about the weekend- but no mention of dating or anything. I figured he was avoiding the talk. Okay, that’s fine.

Yesterday, he texted me to ask about a video I was making him of his fight and then we just got onto chatting throughout the day. Then I finally sent a message last night asking him “Do you actually maybe like me or is that just a thing when you’re drinking?” I knew he was at the gym, but figured he’d get back to me once it was over.

He did. He called me. I really can’t get over how he actually calls to talk. I didn’t think guys did that. Anyway- basically we admitted to each other that we do like each other, but want to take it slow since we’re worried about our friendship and the dynamic at the gym. I’m not too worried about the gym- there are a few couples there and as long as you keep the relationship outside, it’s not bad.

During the call, he told me that he talked to one of the guys about it, who was supportive. He listed off some reasons why he liked me. My favorite was “I like you because you’re curious- and I don’t mean that in a perverted way, I just mean that I like that you’re just interested in everything and aren’t stuck in one particular way. You’re a lot of fun to be around because of that.”. Honestly, that was one of the sweetest things anyone ever said to me, so I was blushing pretty hard through the phone. He listed a few other reasons (I’m funny, I have nice boobs, We’re both musicians, I have nice boobs, I’m nice and sweet to him, I have nice boobs…. seriously, this is how it went, but it was a good laugh).

So while I don’t think we accomplished anything huge during the phone call, we at least know that we do like each other and are willing to slowly try something out.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

10 thoughts on ““I just love this girl, because she’s so awesome and everyone should love her”

  1. so glad you decided to give Bag Buddy a chance. He seems like a such a sweet guy!

  2. A guy that actually uses the phone…. now thats a sign of a potential keeper!

  3. Very disappointed in MMM but so glad things are “moving” with Bag Buddy!! 🙂 Enjoy those phone calls!

  4. I’m sad about MMM. But I don’t think things are completely over with him…I think it might be one of those things in which distance needs to happen in order for him to realize things, ya know?? Either way, I’m happy that things seem to be moving along with you and Bag Buddy!! He sounds like a great guy!! =) I like that he just straight up asked you if you liked him too. That takes a lot of guts, especially asking such an independent, strong girl such as yourself!! Also, do you mind if I steal your “Do you actually maybe like me or is that just a thing when you’re drinking?” line?? I think it might come in handy with a certain guy in my life.

    • Funny you say that: MMM texted me out of the blue last night to say hi. I was like WHOA OKAY HI. haha

      But to be honest, if things work out with Bag Buddy, he’s really a better fit with me. We’ll see how it goes.

      And yes! Steal that line! 🙂

      • Haha crazy!! Have you two been talking then??

        If Bag Buddy really is a better fit, then I hope things work out well for you two!! Maybe you’ll be put into a situation where you’d have to pick between the two…how romantic!! And difficult…but romantic nonetheless!! 🙂

        I’m using that line later tonight…I just hope it gets the same outcome that yours did!!!

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