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What is WRONG with you people!?


I just want to address this one thing that’s been driving me crazy with this blog. You guys don’t see it, but I do since I study my stats every day.

It is INSANE the amount of people that search the internet for Jeff Goldblum and stumble upon my blog.

WHAT IN THE FRIGGIN HELL? I mean, he’s a good looking guy and all, but hi, I’ve also blogged about Paul Rudd and MARK WAHLBERG.

HELLO!!!! Mark friggin Wahlberg. MARKY MARK.

So I’m going to work on changing that. I’m now going to post photos of Mark Wahlberg, because let’s face it: He’s worth it. 😉


Seriously- which one would you rather see at the beach?








Gahhhhhhd. Sex. Pure Sex. You people searching so hard for Jeff Goldblum are crazy. Give me this man ANY day of the week.



Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

2 thoughts on “What is WRONG with you people!?

  1. LOL I am SO glad you wrote about this!!! I have the same problem, only people are searching for “gremlin” and everything to do with it. One of my posts has more hits than my main page because I included a picture of a stupid gremlin.

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