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One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

The Boxing Instructor


Whoa, I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this guy. Mostly because it’s thanks to him that I have my gym. Also because the guy and I are still good friends and I feel like the story just keeps going and going.

Anyway, I met the Boxing Instructor back in January. We met through OKCupid and after messaging and texting for a few days, we ended up meeting last minute at my favorite pizza joint/bar in our neighborhood (we live 2 blocks from each other, turns out). I was interested in him at the beginning because he had a million tattoos, crazy colored hair, was into horror movies and punk rock, etc. He seemed interesting.

And then we met.

He had braces, which he immediately addressed. He said he was embarrassed about them, but that he had them because he trains in Muay Thai, boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. He had recently gotten hit and his permanent retainer broke, so he needed to get the braces for a few months to fix them. Whatever, it’s fine.

As we hung out that night, he seemed fun and interesting still, but I had lost any interest in dating him. He was too obnoxious and is always looking for a fight (not necessarily physical- just very argumentative). He could also be pretty offensive. However, he seemed like a fun guy that I wouldn’t mind partying with.

We kept in touch and a week or so later, I asked him about the gym he trains at. He suggested that I come down for a free trial. Since I was friends with a few Muay Thai and MMA fighters in college that always tried to recruit me, I knew a little bit about the sports and was interested. I went down that Saturday and spent 3-4 hours learning boxing basics with him. I ended up meeting the other trainers at the gym (who are now my instructors/friends).

I obviously joined the gym after that and discovered that the trainers thought that I was dating the guy.  I mean, even the guy that beat Kimbo Slice thought we were dating (yes, we have real celebrities at my gym- it’s awesome). I cleared the issue up right away.

I still hung out with the kid, since he lived nearby and lived with a group of guys from the gym. They’d invite me over for beers and to watch UFC with them. They’re a fun group.

One night, I stayed wicked late and they wouldn’t let me walk home by myself, so I ended up having to crash at their place. I ended up having to share a bed with the Boxing Instructor, but luckily, he didn’t try anything. I was super paranoid about leaving in the morning (especially since he was called into work and left me there…don’t worry, he told me what was going on) because I didn’t want the guys to think we had hooked up. ESPECIALLY since throughout the whole night he kept telling me that he wanted to kiss me and I wouldn’t let him.

However, since I’m part ninja, I was able to creep out with no one noticing and no one has ever brought it up.

Oh and did I mention that at this time he was living with his EX-FIANCE?! Who has the same name as me? Yea, talk about awkward. Luckily she wasn’t around that night, or hardly ever, since she was in the process of moving. She ended up moving out at the end of February or March (I can’t remember) and he called me completely while drunk. They had a NASTY breakup and it was just a horrible situation. They were in a ginormous fight when he called me, so I stopped by on my way home from the gym. His roommates were on the porch because they were too scared to go in. I walked in and yelled to him to walk me home. I got him out of the house so she could move out (and his roommates totally loved me for it), but good LORD was that awful to deal with.

So right after that happened, he started dating this girl who is completely insane. The Boxing Instructor and I are clearly friends and she was not cool with it. She didn’t like that I would be invited to his house and would be hanging out with him and his roommates, talking about fighting and hockey and that she would be sitting there, silent and lonely. I’m sorry sweetheart, but I have no interest in your boyfriend and HI, WE GO TO THE SAME FUCKING GYM. HE’S MY TRAINER. OF COURSE WE HAVE THINGS IN COMMON THAT WE LIKE TO TALK ABOUT.

I think he’s still with her because I hardly ever see him. He did tell me once that she didn’t like me because she thought I was trying to make her jealous. Psssshhh.

But yea, there’s that. He’s a nice guy, but not for me at all. He did buy me a Dr. Pepper shirt over the summer because he knew about my obsession and knew I had to have it. He and I have also been talking more lately because I wanted to get back into some regular boxing and he’s the guy to teach me. I mean, Muay Thai is AWESOME, but my kicks aren’t that great. My punches though, they have more potential. But that’s neither here nor there.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

4 thoughts on “The Boxing Instructor

  1. His girlfriend needs to get a dose of sanity and reality. That kind of jealousy isn’t good.

  2. Well I’m glad out of all of it you were able to find a great gym with great instructors and friends!!! Isn’t it crazy how somethings that you think are going to turn out one way completely turn into something else?? Love it. 🙂

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