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More on Mini Marky Mark


I don’t want to leave you all hanging on this guy, so I’ll give you a little more info on him.

I texted him right after I wrote that last post and he responded right away. We chit-chatted for a few minutes and I asked him if he’d like to get together soon. He said yes and we decided to go out on Sunday.

He picked me up at my apartment Sunday evening (and complimented my sparkly shoes) and we drove to one of my favorite bars (which coincidentally is where all my successful first dates start- more on that later). We grabbed a few beers and an appetizer.

After chatting for a few hours (with an annoyingly attentive waitress), I noticed that we were playing a game of footsies underneath the table (Hi, sometimes I’m a Junior High School Girl).

At some point in the night, I had mentioned that even though I love sports, I’m not very coordinated, so I don’t play them. Later on, he said something about me being clumsy, and I defended myself saying that there is a difference (THERE IS!). He laughed at me and grabbed my hands and apologized for offending me.

He was very sweet throughout the night and it was nice (refreshing even) to just go out with someone who was just normal. He wasn’t cheesy, he wasn’t too dorky, he wasn’t too macho. Just a normal guy.

We walked back to his car and because it’s New England, it’s already freezing at night here. I mean, FREEZING. So we’re sitting in his car while he starts it and he mentions that his car takes a second to warm up. I said “Oh it’s okay, it’s better in here than out there at least” and he goes “No. It takes way too long to warm up”. I was SO tempted to finish “the line” for him (“Oh, let me warm you up” or SOMETHING along those lines), but I let him just lean in and kiss me instead.

We made out for awhile in the parking lot. It was pretty awesome. Also, pretty awesome that he didn’t get all handsy on me. Just a makeout session. He then drove me home, kissed me for a few minutes in front of my house and then he let me go. We agreed to make plans after the holidays since I was going to visit family in Maine for the week. Also, he waited to start the car back up until I was safe inside my house, which I found to be slightly adorable. Most boys, once they realize that I was in the Army and do Muay Thai, think that I can fend for myself and don’t think about “worrying” about me, so when a guy does little things like that for me, I think it’s special and cute.

We texted each other for a little bit after I got inside and then when he got home, saying that we were excited to hang out again.

I sent him a message on Wednesday, saying that I hope he had a good holiday and couldn’t wait to hang out again. He said the same.

Last night, while sitting in my sister’s bedroom, I got a text from him, asking how my holiday was. Turns out he was in my neighborhood (in Boston, duh) and that we needed to make plans ASAP when I returned.

So yea. That’s all happening. Now I’ll probably keep fairly quiet on him on here. And if you’re wondering, in sober vision he does still look kinda like a Wahlberg, which is SO exciting (yay!).

We’ll see how it goes. Few more dates and an H-Bomb to throw at him before we all get TOO excited on here. And don’t worry, I still have to catch you up on some of the crazies that have been happening, too. 🙂


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

2 thoughts on “More on Mini Marky Mark

  1. Woohoo!!! Good luck with Mini Marky Mark!! He sounds promising!!

  2. Great. Looking forward to hearing about the crazies.

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