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Jacoby Ellsbury Boyfriend


Here’s another guy I forgot to write about. I stumbled across his profile on OKCupid, but didn’t click on it. On the site, when you hover over someone’s profile picture, you see their first three photos pop up. So I hovered over his profile and this picture was one of the three pictures

Now, for those of you who aren’t aware, this gorgeous piece of man is Jacoby Ellsbury. He’s the center fielder for the Red Sox. He’s also one of my facebook friends (yes, it’s his real profile….). We met when he was in the minor leagues (the team is in the same town as my college. I know several younger Red Sox players from going to games and the bars afterwards). So when I saw that this guy had his picture in with his OWN pictures, I got offended and looked at his profile to see what was up. The caption for this picture was “a lot of people tell me that I resemble Jacoby Ellsbury….” I compared pictures and yea, he did kind of look like him. I let it slide.

I read his profile and decided he seemed kind of interesting. Went to a conservatory for college for organ and piano. We started chatting and decided to meet up soon after.

We exchanged numbers and texted here and there about music and trying to set up a date. He lives outside of the city, so he’d have to drive in, so it was difficult trying to fit it around both our schedules. He taught piano lessons in the city, so he decided to try to fit it in after one of his lessons some time.

He added me on facebook, which I was a little freaked out about. Why was he adding me so soon? We hadn’t met yet! I brushed it off, thinking he was just interested in getting to know me more sooner.

At one point our texts got all messed up when we were supposed to meet. Thank you Boston and your crappy cell reception. So that date never happened.

This all took place in about 2 weeks total. A few days after our missed, he sent me a text that said he felt bad, but he had met someone else and was actually starting to really like her. He felt that it wouldn’t be fair to take me out because he would feel like he was leading me on or wasting my time. I thanked him for his honesty and wished him luck. He did say he wanted to stay in touch, because “you can never have too many friends!”

I didn’t mind, since we hadn’t met, and he seemed genuine enough. And he did have a new girlfriend on facebook about a week later, so he wasn’t lying about it at least. He also texted me out of the blue one day just to say hi, which I found odd, but nice enough.

And I do have him to thank for giving me the best excuse to get out of dating guys! I use the “I met someone else and don’t want to lead you on”. It’s brilliant.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

6 thoughts on “Jacoby Ellsbury Boyfriend

  1. I haven’t used “I found someone else” as a false reason yet. I’ve only used it once, back when Ginger and I started dating. I actually wish I could get in touch with the woman I said it to, because we were scheduled to go on a date at the time and she seemed pretty interesting.

  2. So have you ever gone on a date with the real Jacoby Ellsbury?? I won’t lie, I don’t know a thing about him, but based off of that picture from above he’s a hottie!! I fully support it!!

    • I haven’t! He’s (just recently) engaged to his girlfriend from college. They were together when he and I met. We drank beers though! 🙂 Trust me, he’s a MAJOR hottie and a sweetheart haha

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