Are You Friggin' Kidding Me?

One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

The start and finish of Another Engineer


I got a message on the OKCupid app from a guy that seemed pretty interesting. He was cute, a little younger than me, and yes- an engineer. We decided to make plans for a Friday night.

Except I thought I could squeeze in a session at the gym before going out. I had told him I wouldn’t be free until 9 or 930 because of it, but would meet him at the bar. He was fine with that.

Then a giant hurricane went through Boston….

I got home from the gym at 8, grabbed a quick shower and got dressed and was ready by 845. I was shocked because I would be able to make it in time! Then I ran outside to the bus stop across the street from my house. Looked at the MBTA app and realized I had to wait 20 minutes for a bus.  I decided to walk to the next stop where several buses met up. I still had to wait another 10 minutes and the weather was awful. I was texting him the entire time, since he was already sitting at the bar, letting him know I was going to be late.

Keep in mind- I’m NEVER late. In fact, I’m freakishly early to everything. I was panicking.

By the time I took the train to where the bar was near, it was full on down pouring. In all directions (gotta love New England weather). I had to hunt down this damn bar because I had no idea where it was.

By the time I got to the bar, I was completely soaked and an hour late. Lucky for me, he was a sweetheart who felt bad that I was so wet. He told me he would have picked me up, but neither of us thought of that (I never assume people drive in Boston. I figured he’d take the MBTA like I did).

He picked out a beer for me and I actually liked it (points for him!). He was completely adorable and a lot of fun to hang out with. We decided after a couple beers to go to the dive that was next door. We were able to get one more beer in before last call. He used a couple lines on me but slipped them so well that they caught me off guard and I was actually smitten with him. One line was from when we were talking about how everyone thinks I’m Jewish and he replied “But Jewish girls aren’t blonde….or that pretty.” and another was something about my eye color.

I KNOW I KNOW, I can be SUCH a sucker.

He started getting a little touchy-feely, but in a totally appropriate way. He’d put his hand on me knee or arm when making a statement about something, and I knew he was 100% interested…at least for the time being.

I mentioned that I was going to a Wallflowers concert the next night and he got SO excited, telling me that he couldn’t wait to drive me home so he could show me the cds in his car. We decided to head out and he offered to take me to his place for more beers and music. I knew that meant making out and probably him trying to have sex with me- but what the hell.

Turns out he has EXCELLENT taste in music. We bonded over Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd while trying new pumpkin beers out. He kissed me and we started making out.

We went into his bedroom and started fooling around. I kept saying that we couldn’t have sex. Over and over and over. He said he knew and “okay”, but I always get nervous during times like that. Finally, things got really heated and I stopped all action. I decided to just up and tell him my deal.

I told him that I was sick and he was confused about it. He doesn’t know anything about H and that made it even scarier (for me). We ended up just making out, fooling around a little and then going to bed.

We fooled around a few times in the morning, while cuddling. We laughed at some youtube videos and then he drove me home. He dropped me off said “I’ll call you” and I knew right there that he wasn’t ever calling.

I texted him twice (once to brag about the Wallflowers concert and another to see if he wanted to hang out again). Never heard back from him.

Oh well.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

10 thoughts on “The start and finish of Another Engineer

  1. That’s crappy. I’m sorry it all happened like that. Maybe the real problem is that you date engineers 🙂

  2. how can he not know about H? has he been living under a rock? good lord…

  3. I agree with SillyG, that’s crappy. But then I disagree on the comment about engineers. :p

  4. You did everything right, JC. You were honest and he made an informed decision…to cut off the relationship. And that sucks, but it is what it is. It’s hard to blame him. Nevertheless, I know there are equally cool guys out there who wouldn’t let your bombshell derail them.

  5. We really are long lost twins, I’m weird about being early too!! I’ve gotten better about it, but I used to show up 15 min early to everything!! Ha!!
    First off, has this guy lived under a rock his entire life?! How does he not know about H?! I’m pretty sure we all learned about this back in sex-ed in like middle school if not earlier!
    That’s a bummer he ended up not getting back to you, this one sounded promising!! I know you love engineers and Jewish boys, but is there any other type of guy you’re really into?? Just curious!! 🙂

    • Funny! I’m about to write a post on that because I’m pretty sure I found THE ONE haha so I wanted to write a post about what I like so when I eventually write about him, everyone can see why I like him hahaha

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