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Jeff Goldblum Boyfriend


So most of the time when I refer to the guys that I’m seeing to my friends in person, I refer to them as “boyfriends”. Like, Trapeze Boyfriend, Baseball Boyfriend, etc. Well, this new one is Jeff Goldblum Boyfriend.


Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, I LOVE the OKCupid iphone app. I think it’s genius, if used correctly. On Thursday (I think…), I clicked that I’d like to meet a guy. A few hours later, he clicked that he’d like to meet me, too. We sent a small handful of messages back and forth, deciding on when to meet. We decided that on Saturday, we’d go out before he went out to a party with his friends. I gave him my number and he said he’d text me Saturday morning.

On Saturday, he texted me, asking if I minded going out to his neighborhood to grab dinner. I didn’t mind at all and I understood his plight in driving to my neighborhood (I’m in the city and he’s outside so parking sucks…). Also he knew that I liked Mexican food and there’s a nice place in his area that he wanted to take me to. Then he mentioned the friend’s party again and I was a little confused. I wasn’t sure if he was inviting me to go with him or not. I figured I’d keep an open mind and play it by ear.

He was waiting for me in the parking lot when I jumped off the train and we drove off to the restaurant. Now, I knew he was cute, but holy crap he looks just like Jeff Goldblum. It was insane, in a great way. He was really funny and I had a great time with him at dinner. I was slightly confused again, because he started talking about how he doesn’t really use OKCupid anymore after a string of horrible dates. He and I shared some horror stories, and I wasn’t sure if he saw me as a potential romantic partner or a just a fun outing. Either way, I was having a good time, so I just went with it.

Then it all clicked that I was indeed invited to this party. I’m adventurous, so why not go along? He asked if I minded going to a different friend’s house first since it was early and that that friend would drive us to the party.

Now, here’s where things will get a little confusing for you and I’ll try to keep it simple.

We picked up the friend and headed off to the party. The friend was really funny and the two of them together were HILARIOUS. Totally my type of people to hang out with. The three of us kept talking shit to each other and just were laughing while we got lost and finally found the party. They mentioned some people that would be there and wanted me to give them my opinions of them. Apparently there was one guy that is completely socially awkward, so they wanted to know what I thought.

We get to the party, watched some old Nickelodeon cartoons (did I mention it was a geek party? LOVE!!) and drank some beers. We hung out on the porch with some of the other kids (some stand up comedians were there which was cool). I, being extremely social, chatted with everyone and was having a good time with new friends.

At one point, I was on the porch with Jeff Goldblum Boyfriend and the friend we drove to the party with. The friend looked at me and said “You’re really cool. He never hangs out with cool people. How the hell do you two know each other?” I laughed, not sure if JGB wanted me to say anything and he blurted out “We met on OKCupid. This is our first date.” The friend looked at both of us, amazed. I assumed people knew that I was a date, but apparently not. “Why did you bring her HERE?! On a date!? That’s ballsy dude!” JGB agreed and admitted “Yea, I really took a leap there…” and I just laughed. However, I think everyone was pretty chill about it and were amazed that I was so easy going.

I think JGB was the most shocked. I honestly think he thought that we wouldn’t really hit it off that well and it wouldn’t be a big deal. But he seemed pleasantly surprised that I got along with all his friends and that all his friends kept telling him how much they LOVED me. They all kept telling me that I needed to come hang out with them all more.

When the super socially awkward friend finally showed up, I introduced myself, while standing next to JGB. He looked at me and then looked at JGB, and said “Oh, with you? Nice work, man!” It was SO awkward, but flattering, I guess. JGB looked at me, and said “see? awkward…” So we hung out a little longer, then the three of us drove back to the first friend’s house and then JGB drove me home.

He told me that he was happy that I was a chameleon like him and that I got along with everyone. He asked me if I had a great time and I said I did. He said he did as well and we both decided to do something again soon.

So Sunday, I sent him a text saying that I had a good time and hoped we could hang out again soon. He texted back and said the same and said that all his friends loved me.

And then as I was writing this post, I got a message from him saying that he has a lot of free time and would like to hang out with me very soon. So there’s that. Yay! 🙂

Oh, the icing on the cake? He’s Hispanic (from Argentina…swooooon) and apparently a little Jewish (which we all found out at the party during a conversation of everyone asking if I was Jewish…which I’m not). There’s a joke with my friends that I love Hispanics and Jews and that if I could find a MexiJew, I’d be in Heaven….sooooo…..haha yea.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Goldblum Boyfriend

  1. Ahh I’m so happy for you!! Argentinian sounds sexy too!! I think it’s hilarious that you refer to all these guys as your boyfriends, I do the same thing with my friends!

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