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Quick update on ALL the boys of current


Alright, I’m sorry I slack so much lately. My computer is dead dead dead and my roommate’s computer drives me insane. Hopefully all will work out by the end of the month. Anyway, I’m just going to update on all the boys that I’m on and off with currently.

Trapeze Guy – Yea, so my gut feeling was right. He’s not interested anymore. His texts were few and far between after our date and the ones he sent were very short. He was a little shady on deciding when to hang out again (‘I’m really busy this week unfortunately”, etc…) so I stopped texting. No word from him at all in the past week. Bummer, but oh well.

On Saturday, I went to a free concert (Rick Springfield!!!)  in downtown Boston. I broadcasted on the OKCupid app and this hipstery looking guy responded. He came and hung out with me for the concert. We kinda cuddled (we were sharing my blanket to sit on, so we kinda had to). He was pretty fun and cute. He asked if I liked PBR and that’s like asking me “Hey, do you like to breathe?”. He said we should hit up this place near his apartment (a bar I’m familiar with and it’s in the neighborhood that I work in, so cool) for some. We ended up going to his place to drop my backpack off and just ended up having beers there. We made out, fooled around, had sex (I know, I know), and then I scurried home. Haven’t heard from him since, but that’s fine.

#SecretCrush is as adorable and as awesome as ever. We both hit up the gym twice this week on the same nights. I always take my glasses off once class starts, so on Monday, he waved at me and asked how I was. We didn’t talk much because we’re both fairly serious about the class (he’s more serious than me, but that’s fine 🙂 ). I did get sidetracked during the ab workout at the end (he skipped the ab workout to do some sparring which is way more intense anyway). He was sparring in the ring and going against one of our fighters, so people were cheering him on and I just stared and drooled. No joke. After class, we left at the same time and I got a “wink” and a “catch ya later” which made my night. I know, I’m ridiculous. Today we had class outside due to the power being out again (it’s been crazy in my neighborhood lately what with brown outs and construction) and my instructor being all BAMF. We went to Harvard and worked out at the Stadium. We were able to chat a little bit afterwards. I invited him out on Saturday night to another kid’s going away party (a lot of kids at my gym are international students. This one particular friend will have a special post later, but he’s moving back to Korea next week), but he’s leaving Friday morning to go to Philadelphia (where he’s from) for a week before he goes back to AFGHANISTAN for the rest of the month. Did I mention he’s a civilian contractor? Yea, HOT. But yea, he’ll be gone and he looked bummed that he’d miss going out with us (or me, as I like to tell myself haha). Oh well. HE’LL BE BACK SOON!

There’s a new boy that’s trying to go out with me, but he’s being odd about the date itself. I’ll write a post about him eventually, but he’s originally from Spain and is a cop in Southie (swoooooon).

I joined after hearing about it from Finding Mr. Wrong…I mean Right. HOLY HELL, it’s hilarious. And scary. We’ll see how it goes.

Alright, I think that’s it for now, haha. Hope to catch up with you all again soon!


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

2 thoughts on “Quick update on ALL the boys of current

  1. I’m sorry about Trapeze Guy, but yay for Secret Crush!! That DOES suck that he’ll be gone for awhile, but like you said, he’ll be back!! Haha isn’t that website ridiculous?? Let me know how it goes!!! I’ve only gone out with one of the guys so far, even though others have made offers. It gets interesting when you start getting the out of state offers!!

    • Yea, Trapeze Guy sucks, but oh well. Secret Crush is fantastic, but I think he’s just for me to crush on in my head. 🙂 And the site is hilarious! hahaha

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