Are You Friggin' Kidding Me?

One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating



This story is going to require a little background information. Not much, so don’t worry about getting lost.

Also, the reason why this kid is written with a hashtag is because this is what I’ve been referring to him as on twitter.

I’ve been practicing Muay Thai since the winter. If you don’t know what that is, it’s Thai boxing. It’s like kick boxing, but more intense. Thinking MMA, before it goes to grappling on the floor. Yes, I train at a fighting gym. It’s fantastic. I love the workout, I love my friends there, I love my trainers. It’s just amazing.


Story time (SORRY IT’S SO LONG!!!):

My instructor’s birthday was at the end of April and he invited us all out to go party with him. I went with one of the guys from class that I knew, since I didn’t want to go alone. When we got there, a few of the trainers were out, with their wives/girlfriends, and a few other guys from class. One joined my friend and I, since he was there solo as well. My friend and I were like “who is this kid? clearly he goes to our gym, but I can’t place him.” Mind you, it’s really weird to see people at the gym and then in real life. People rarely recognize me outside of the gym and it’s really funny once they realize who I am. So the two of us worked really hard and I was starting to be able to picture him at the gym.

The rest of the night, the new guy (#SecretCrush, from now on…I’ll get there, I promise!) basically set up my friend with some random girl at the bar, leaving the two of us to talk. We ended up sharing a cab ride back that night since we live near each other. We promised to find each other on facebook, since he wasn’t friends with anyone from the gym despite going there for over a year.

Over a week passed and we weren’t friends on facebook. There were too many people with his name in the world and I’m the ONLY person in the world with my name, but he couldn’t spell it. We teased each other at the gym and then he found me that night.

My birthday was the end of May and while the Not-Boyfriend didn’t show up to the bar, #SecretCrush did. He bought me a few beers and was incredibly sweet. My friends were all like “Who is THIS guy? Why aren’t you going after HIM?” and then it hit me that this boy is pretty awesome.

So flash to two weeks ago. I hadn’t seen him in FOREVER, so I wrote to him saying ‘hey, let’s get drinks soon” and gave him my number. He was busy that weekend, but texted me to let me know. He did agree to getting together at some point.

Last Friday was a huge Muay Thai event in Rhode Island. A bunch of guys from my gym were competing as ametuers, while my instructor was fighting for another title. Pretty much everyone else was going to watch and support our team. One of the VERY FEW other girls and I planned it all out for everyone to meet at the gym and sort ourselves into cars. #SecretCrush, since he’s not friends with anyone else on facebook, missed that memo but knew I was planning on going and asked me privately for details. I got so excited that he was going to go with us!

Thus started my plans to make sure we were in the same car. Turns out I didn’t need to make plans because he had no one in his car at all! He was leaving the event early so he was just going to drive himself. I leapt out of my friends car and jumped into his, saying that I’d keep him company on the way down and would catch a ride back with whoever later.

We had a nice drive down, just the two of us, getting to know each other. He’s so interesting and grew up near where my dad is from, so that’s cool. I actually know the area. He also has an interesting backrgound and I love listening to him.

At the event he bought me a beer while we waited. We discussed Muay Thai, since he actually studied it in Thailand, and he taught me a lot that I wasn’t aware of. We also chatted with some other kids from the gym that were there.

We cheered for our team (We were 6-1 for the night, with my instructor winning the title, if you’re curious! We’re a KICKASS gym, by the way haha) and realized we were starving, halfway through. He looked at his phone and found a hot dog place next door. Everyone tried to talk us out of it, but we went any way. Turns out it was a place that was on Man Vs. Food, which I LOVE. It was a hilarious experience and we were giggling the entire time while he got in trouble for calling them hot dogs and not weiners. We ate a ton of food and finished watching the fights and then he took off to meet up with his friends for a birthday party back in Boston.

I rode back with some other friends and he texted me around 1:30am. Turns out he didn’t make it in time for his friend’s birthday and was hoping we were having an after party. It was too late since the bars close at 2 here, but I told him I’d keep him up to date on the cookout we were having th next day at our instructor’s house.

He did the color run that morning, so he missed my texts with the information. I was at the cookout and already a few beers in when he texted me to ask if we were still going. Of course we were! So he showed up, COVERED in neon paint (which I told him inspired me to redye my hair pink, purple, and blue, which I did the following day haha), and chilled with us. It ended up POURING and most people left, but he and I stayed with a few others. He offered me a ride home, so I wouldn’t have to wait for the MBTA in the rain. Such a sweetheart.

So yea. That’s him, more or less. He’s pretty fantastic. We’ll see if I try to take it anywhere. Either way, he was good practice for a future date with another guy. And he’s a great friend.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

6 thoughts on “#SecretCrush

  1. Seriously, this guy sounds pretty excellent. My guess is he’s into you. Get him to make a move!

  2. I love it!! Secret crushes are the best!! He sounds like a fun guy to hang out with, I’m interested to see where this goes. Whether just friends or more, sounds like a good time! =)

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