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The Trapeze Guy


Guys, you will not believe this. I don’t want to jynx this but OH MY GOSH. This guy!

This post may be a little jumbled since I’m typing on my phone. Sorry, I’ll edit later.

Saturday- I get a notification from OKCupid that some guy wants to meet me. I was at work but I checked the guy out and he was cuuuute. Turns out he’s a jazz pianist (I’m a jazz musician as well so YAY!) and a FLYING TRAPEZE INSTRUCTOR. What?! I messaged him saying I wasn’t able to meet that night but asked if we could chat in the mean time and go out another time. He said yes and chat we did!

Sunday- lots of messaging which turned into texting. Not crazy obsessive texting, but cute friendly he-texted-me-first texting. He sent me a few pictures, asking about a fedora because he had a gig that night. Adorable. He also sent me a link to him playing Wonderwall by Oasis with his combo. SO good. He also likes the Red Sox and sports on general (what? A jazz musician who likes sports?! I must have him!)
After his gig Sunday night, he called me! What?! We talked on the phone for a solid hour about music and just stuff. He’s very interesting and sweet.

Monday- more texting. I had the day off. That evening, when he finished working at the trapeze school, he texted me that he was hungry and going to grab a burrito and asked if I’d like to join him. Hi Mexican food is my fave so YES.

An hour later he picked me up and met me at my steps. He had a big smile and hugged me instantly. His hand lingered on my back for a moment, sort of guiding me to his car. Not sketchy or creepy- actually very….i don’t know, but I didnt mind it. While in the car and driving me to the burritos, he put his hand on my knee and said “it’s awesome to see you!” and smile and removed his hand. I liiiiiike this guy already.

Before burritos, we stopped at kinkos to pick up some resumes for him. He asked me beforehand if this was okay and I was fine with it. I like a little adventure and this guy is just too adorable.

We went to dinner, he paid (after yelling at me in a funny way for trying to pay for mine). It was delicious. We were in his neighborhood that he grew up in which was cool. We chatted about ourselves as music and SWEDEN! Oh he’s just wonderful.

So he drove me home and as we hugged good night, I kissed his cheek. Bold move on my part, I’ve never done that. While still embracing, he leaned in and kissed me. Slight open mouth, no tongue. Just a very sweet few kisses and another hug. Then after saying we’d hang out again soon, I went inside.

He texted me when he got home, which he said he would (little joke- told me he didn’t want me to worry about him getting home safe). He wasn’t as talkative after the date, but I figured it was late and we JUST went out, so no need to be all up on, right?

Besides, HE kissed ME!

So the past few days, the texting had been minimal. Not nonexistent, but hoping it is just because we’re into each other and not wanting to overwhelm the other. Plus we’re both busy. We agreed to go out sometime next week, which I’ll ask again about on Sunday.

But ohhhhh my goodness guys. I want this one. I know it’s soon….but maaaan.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

8 thoughts on “The Trapeze Guy

  1. ya!! hope there’s a date 2!

  2. Eeee! So exciting! Hope it works out, but in the meantime this retired dating superstar enjoys living vicariously through everyone else

  3. First off, I have to point out yet another similarity that we have: a deep liking for Mexican food and Jazz music. Seriously, if you’re ever out in Denver, I think it imperative to hang out!! What instrument do you play??

    Anyways, yayyy!!! I hope things work out with you and this guy!! He sounds like a great guy with a lot of great qualities!!! I’m excited to hear more about him!! =)

    • Yay for Mexican and jazz!! I play several instruments, but my main instrument is bass. 🙂

      This guy IS fantastic but I think we’ve hit a roadblock. Ugh. More to come

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