Are You Friggin' Kidding Me?

One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

The Annoyance


I can’t believe how this just crashed and burned in the past 3 hours. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but here it is.

Yesterday, I was given two tickets to Wednesday’s Red Sox game. They’re obstructed view, so I’m probably going alone, just cause I can, but I figured I’d look around and see if anyone wanted to go.

This morning, a guy messaged me on OKCupid. We’re calling him The Annoyance. He messaged me a cute message and I hadn’t gotten around to writing back until the afternoon when he had sent me another message. Turns out that I had originally written to him 2 years ago. He apologized for my message slipping the cracks, and was hoping that I was still willing to chat.

His profile had mentioned that he was looking for a girl that could enjoy the Red Sox and such, so I was like “hey, how about this?” and offered him my extra ticket. He said yes, gave me his number, and we started texting.

After about 20 minutes, I was already tired of him, but didn’t know how to cancel on him . I really hate text conversations. Sometimes I don’t mind, like in the case of The DJ. But when the conversation isn’t going anywhere, it’s annoying. And he was asking so many questions! It was ruining out conversation for Wednesday’s date!

He wasn’t even all that interesting! He kept asking why I was single because he thought I was amazing. I HATE when guys flirt like that. It’s not attractive at all. When I told him that guys find me intimidating, he told me that I need to be nice. I told him that I’m always nice, but that I don’t take shit and I call people out. He asked why guys find me intimidating, and I said that I’m a tomboy and feisty.

Seriously, this guy wasn’t going to be able to handle me.

And then I asked him for a picture. I mentioned that it was hard to see him in his pictures that he had posted. One picture, I slightly remember- FROM TWO YEARS AGO. The other pictures, he looked different. So, not that I’m shallow, but I wanted to know who I was going to be meeting.

Yea, here’s a lesson for all of you on online dating: USE CURRENT PICTURES.  Turns out he’s gained quite a bit of weight and isn’t attractive at all.

I know that makes me sound shallow, but c’mon. He was already annoying me, so whatever.

And then this happened:

Maybe I jumped ahead too far on this one, but I was already so annoyed with him, that I couldn’t deal with it any more.

The conversation went from there, him trying to back track and apologize. I told him that maybe we could meet up another time, but not at the game.

Thank God that date never happened. Good Lord.



Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

10 thoughts on “The Annoyance

  1. I can completely see why he is nicknamed “The Annoyance”!!! And what a loser, telling you to be nice when you tell him that guys find you intimidating?! Honestly, I don’t even see how the two correlate, being intimidating does not mean you’re mean, it just means guys need to man up ;-).

    • So annoying!!!! I am very nice and charming- I’ve just got a lot going for me! haha I’ll have to write a post on why I intimidate guys soon haha

      • Haha there’s nothing better than a lady who has a lot going for her!!! And if a man is intimidated by that, then he’s not a man…at least in my opinion.=)

  2. I loathe texting as a form of communication. Not saying I don’t use it, I absolutely do. But drives me crazy a major oration of the time. I use it to confirm my clients’ appts, and for quickie stuff with my closer friends. Maybe it is just because I am in my mid 40’s that it seems such a poor way to develop a relationship. Then again, some people are interesting, right off the bat, regardless of the medium, and others aren’t.
    And the whole making-a-statement-and-ending-with-a-?… Über frikkin annoying. And the inappropriate use of the ! Ditto. But it is such great fodder for the blog. You are making me jones for some baseball.

  3. So wait, is he your date for the game or what?

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