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Oh well look who decided to show back up.


So the infamous Not-Boyfriend sent me a message out of the blue yesterday. Before I dive into that mess, let’s go over the time table of the last month or so.

Saturday, May 26: Trip to the Zoo for my birthday. Me, him, my roommate, and another friend. Good times. That night we went to the bar for my birthday, the NB never showed up.

Monday, May 28: My actual birthday. Never got a happy birthday from him.

Tuesday, May 29: Got a long message apologizing for missing my birthday and how bad he felt about it. Made plans to hang out that Friday.

Friday, June 1: He came over to my place and gave me my Pet Name. Invited him to a baseball game the following Friday and he said he’d get back to me. This was the last time I have seen him.

Wednesday, June 6: Asked him via text if he was planning on going to the game with me or not on Friday. Told me he couldn’t make it and wasn’t sure if he had any free time to hang out that weekend. He said he’d let me know. He never got back to me.

Sunday, June 10: I invited him out to dinner at this Mexican place I adore, via text. Never received a reply.

Monday, June 11: He left some hipster joke on my facebook wall. I sent him a private message, asking him if he could pencil me in at all that week. Never responded, even though he had read the message (thank you facebook for giving me THAT handy feature :-/)

Wednesday, June 27: I sent him a facebook message saying “safe to assume you’re not going to that Red Sox-Yankee game with me next week?” No response.

Which brings us to yesterday, Monday, July 1. He sent me this little note:

Aw shoot, I’m sorry love, I totally forgot to tell you, I just went to Europe for 9 days! One of the frat guys was getting married in Ireland, so a few of us made a Eurotrip out of it and did Barcelona and London before the wedding. It was awesome and expensive and incredibly drunken.

The game does sound like fun but I think you should take someone a little more deserving. I haven’t been a very good friend to you lately. I’ll need to remedy that somehow.


I am beyond annoyed. Yes, I’ve moved on (thanks to the DJ and a visit from the Baseball Player ;)), but I just want to scream at him! Even if he has only seen me as a friend this entire time….this is how he treats friends? Idiot. And even if he forgot to tell me that he was going to Europe for a week, that doesn’t excuse the two weeks before that that he ignored me completely.

So, question: if I sent a message back saying “Great. Glad you had a good time. Don’t worry, I gave away your ticket three weeks ago when you first stopped responding to any of my messages.” … that too much? Not enough? Give me some help, people!


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

14 thoughts on “Oh well look who decided to show back up.

  1. Tell him that “friends” of any kind are not so disrespectful of each other. Give him a certificate of Douche-baggery and move on. Fool you once, shame on him; fool you twice, shame on you…

  2. Ugh I’m annoyed at your situation with Not-Boyfriend because it’s very similar to my situation with “Mr. Big (Present)” in that they’re not exactly complete douchebags, but at the same time, they pull this disappearing asshole act. The fact that he’s all “I don’t deserve it because I haven’t been good to you lately” is so lame too…it’s like, well if you KNOW that then why don’t you treat me WELL?! Ugh. Haha. Anyways, I’m an asshole so if it were me, I would personally be much harsher in my response back to him and pretty much just tell him he’s a dick without flat out saying it. I wouldn’t say anything that indicates you were upset at all about him not responding to your messages; I would make it sound more like a, “Well I’m awesome and if you can’t realize that,then that’s your loss not mine” type thing. Because clearly, you ARE awesome, and he’s too stupid to realize that.


    • IT’S SO ANNOYING! Oh, I’d looooove to bitch him out. I’m thinking I’m just going to stay sweet…”Glad you had a good time and I found someone to take your ticket. Don’t worry.” and see what he does from there. If he continues to ignore me, whatever I’m already past it anyway. If he takes the bait and tries to talk to me more or hang out with me….game on. 😉

  3. Ugh I hate non-boyfriend. Him and my Trucker would get along great… assholes

  4. i don’t think that your message is “too much”. i think it is short and sweet and reminds him of his extremely rude and careless behavior. send it!

  5. I’d leave out the “when you stopped responding” part. Leaving your response to him short will (hopefully) get him wondering about your feelings, which may be helpful. But if he actually starts to talk to you again regularly, I’d bring up the lack of responses he gave you.

    And yeah, forgets to tell you about a trip to Europe? Obviously you’re not all that important to him if he doesn’t tell you that tiny, minute little detail of his life… Sheesh.

    • Yea I’m thinking just saying “I gave your ticket away a few weeks ago”. I’d love for him take the bait and ask to hang out haha we’ll see what happens.

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