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The DJ


Well this one totally caught me by surprise, haha. So basically, I’m kind of popular on twitter (my personal account, which isn’t linked to this blog. If you’d like to follow it, let me know…). Mostly I tweet about Red Sox stuff and just random Boston-y things. One of my newest followers goes by Boston Bachelor. He’s a little shady, but I don’t mind harmless flirty banter back and forth. Anyway, on Friday, we were discussing some Red Sox stuff and I  mentioned that I have a Red Sox tattoo. He asked for a picture of it, so I tweeted one. He re-tweeted it, which is cool. I then got a tweet from this other guy saying “beautiful tattoo!” and I thanked him for it. He then started following me and asked me what my plans were for the weekend. I actually had a pretty stacked weekend (Red Sox game on Friday, firing range on Sunday, and Saturday I was SUPPOSED to go to some rugby games, but I ended up going to Brookline to meet some Red Sox players at this fair there). When I told him that, he teased me and said that I should be going out that night (Saturday) to the bar he was DJ-ing at. Then he sent me a private message about hanging out in Brookline. Apparently he lives right near where I was heading and I invited him out, but he was at the beach with some friends. We talked a little about the Red Sox and he mentioned that he was going to go to the game Friday (the one I went to), but hooked up a friend with the tickets. I teased him and said that he should think of me next time he wants to hook someone up with tickets. He answers back that he’s constantly hooking people up with tickets because he has season tickets and then asked if I wanted to go to a game.


Are you friggin’ kidding me? Is this real life?


Anyway, we ended up trading numbers and were texting back and forth allllll day. He talked me into going downtown to the bar he was DJ-ing at so I could meet him. I went with one of my girlfriends, who I had explained the whole thing to. Luckily she was up for an adventure. So we got to the bar, and he’s DJ-ing outside on the patio. I grabbed two beers and walked outside and headed right to the booth and offered him one of the beers. He quickly gave me a hug and then we just started chatting like we’d known each other for forever. He’s totally adorable, even if he’s not what I usually go for. He was very sweet, too. He let me pick a lot of songs, which was fun. He has the same sense of humor as I do and we just kept giving each other shit back and forth all night. My friend ended up leaving to catch the train home, while I opted to stay and just take a cab back to my place when the bar closed. So he and I hung out a little bit after he finished DJ-ing and he gave me a hug and I went home. He texted me while on my way home to make sure I made it back alright. Then he admitted that he thought that I was adorable (I said he was as well) and that he was wanting to kiss me, but wasn’t sure if it was okay. I said that he should have and that maybe we should hang out again soon and he can kiss me then. We texted back and forth a little and then I fell asleep (oops).


We chatted a bit this morning before I went to the firing range and he was still super flirty. This afternoon, not so much, but he’s probably busy (he had mentioned going to the Food Truck Festival, so I’m sure he was doing other things and not staring at his phone all day). However, he did say he wanted to hang out with me again soon, so we’ll see how that goes. 🙂


Oh and I promise I’m not just in this for the Red Sox tickets….but they do help 😉


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

6 thoughts on “The DJ

  1. I’m glad you met a new guy!! =) I’m sure it helps get your mind off of certain assholes (Not-Boyfriend) and it’s always fun to have a new crush!! Hopefully things work out for the best with this one!

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