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A pet name?!


I’m assuming, due to my stats for this blog, that most of my readers are American and probably have NO idea what I’m going to be referring to here. So I’ll give you a backstory before I get into the story from Friday.

In 2008, I spent a month in Stockholm, Sweden. Best trip ever. Anyway, while tooling around T-Centralen, I saw this white hippo thing. No one else saw it and I became obsessed with it. “WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO SEE THE WHITE HIPPO!” We ended up meeting some British kids and when I mentioned it, they thought for a minute and said “Oh, do you mean Moomin?” Well, I had no idea, but the thing was there (big guy in a costume, it was great). Our new friends informed us that it wasn’t a hippo, but a troll. It’s like a Scandinavian Mickey Mouse. It’s a Finnish thing and in Finland they have a giant amusement park dedicated to it! Moominland!  Anyway, I got my picture taken with the Moomin mascot and was very happy. I still talk about going to Moominland someday.

Fast forward to present day- I made friends with this guy a few months back and found out that his wife is from Finland. They love Moomin, too! And during my birthday last weekend, I stumbled across a Birthday Moomin book which was CRAZY. I snatched it up and I show everyone that gives me a second to do so. 🙂

So on Friday, the Not-Boyfriend came over. After hipster hunting from my porch, inviting him to a baseball game, and discussing different family issues and jokes, I showed him my Moomin book. He has seen the picture of me with the Moomin mascot, but never really asked about it (since he knows that I’m silly like that). I’ve never really gone over my Moomin infatuation with him, so this was a new thing for me to talk about to him. I explained what it was and how adorable they are and then we went back to cuddling and talking.

At the end of the night, before he left for home, we were semi-spooning when he goes “I think I’m going to start calling you Moomin.” First of all, I may have squeed on the inside, because that’s what my friend and his Finnish wife call each other sometimes, so to me it’s a very sweet term of endearment. Second, I don’t know what he means by this, but I feel it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve never heard him call anyone else by a different name completely. Usually he calls them by their names or some sort of abbreviation of their last names. He’s called me doll and dollface a few times, but my BFF in New Jersey calls me those, too, so I don’t think much of them. But a pet name?! And something that’s so adorable?!

So after he tells me, I smile and kiss him and we make jokes about “well, I’m as white as a Moomin, so I guess it fits.” He’s Mexican so we’re often throwing around jokes about the two of us. In my head, I tried to come up for a name for him, but I couldn’t quick enough. So I’ll give it some time and if he does actually refer to me as this new pet name, then we’ll see what I come up with.

What do you guys think of pet names?


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

15 thoughts on “A pet name?!

  1. I think pet names show that someone cares about you, if you like it, and don’t feel weird when called the pet name, it’s cool. I think it’s only unacceptable if the receiver of said name doesn’t like it. My bf started calling me various nicknames to try and annoy me, but now i find them endearing and think it’s odd if he calls me by my actual name. i, on the other hand, have been unable to come up with anything for him, so good luck on “naming” yours!

  2. I’m so happy that you discovered the Moomins! As you’ll see from my blog, I’m a bit of a Moomin maniac. I hope you’ll continue to share your love for Moomin with the rest of America. 🙂

  3. My ex and I had the same pet name for each other. I liked it. By the end of that relationship, it felt strange to call her by her real name, to her. I like pet names for the most part. Good luck in coming up with a great one for NotBF. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts! I’ve never had a pet name before in any relationship, so while part of me thinks this is adorable, I was also like “oh man, what does this mean?!” haha

      • I do have one recommendation – pick something that you can say publicly. That means schnookums and puggle wuggle won’t fly. :p

  4. This is super adorable!! It’s wonderful that he now has a pet name for you, especially because it’s not a generic term of endearment like sweetie or honey. It’s so particular and it’s something that means something to you, so for him to take that and refer to you in that way is just so sweet. Also, I applaud you on the fact that he’s Mexican; I tend to be drawn to the Mexican/Hispanic/Latino bunch myself. =)

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  6. That is the most adorable pet name ever!

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