Are You Friggin' Kidding Me?

One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

The Yes Man


I had totally forgotten about this date until I was reminded of it awkwardly tonight. Boston is a much smaller city than I thought.

So back in like…October maybe? I went on a date with this guy. We went to one of my favorite BBQ places near my apartment for a late lunch/early dinner. We met up and he was cute and very nice right off the bat. We got a couple beers and some BBQ and just chatted.

OH MY GOD, WAS THIS GUY LOUD. Now, I’m a loud talker, but I know how to tone it down. This guy put me to shame. He was just LOUD. And anytime I said anything, he’d reply “I AGREE” or “I AGREE WITH YOU 100%”. I wish I counted how many times he said it, because it was crazy. Even when I’d say something that didn’t need an agreement. I could say “My name is J” and he’d reply, “I AGREE 100%”. Man, it was awful. However, he was sweet, picked up the bill, and we went our separate ways. We never talked again.


So tonight after work, I decided to stop into this Mexican place downtown where my friend is a bartender. Keep in mind that when I met up with this guy, we were in my neighborhood, which is outside the city. Tonight, I was in South Boston. I’m sitting at the bar, sipping on my watermelon margarita (on the rocks, no salt, thank you very much) when I hear a guy at the end of the bar tell his buddy, “I AGREE WITH YOU”. I almost fell off my stool. His voice is so recognizable, mostly because it’s so loud.


Have I seriously come full circle and have met every guy in Boston? Please tell me that this is not true.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

7 thoughts on “The Yes Man

  1. Watermelon margueritas are my fave!! I like them blended though. The only time I have one in the rocks, the watermelon chunks threw me. I have texture issues, lol. Agree on the no salt part. Now I want one.

  2. hahaha…omigoodness! that was so funny (like a seinfeld episode)… i wonder if he’s related to my husband…??

  3. Man, you have some of THE best posts. lol

  4. Hahaha I also pictured a Seinfeld episode when I read this!

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