Are You Friggin' Kidding Me?

One Bostonian's Misadventures in Dating

The Chef


This was back in the fall/winter, but it’s time for The Chef to enter this blog. This one kills me because he was actually a cool guy who just lost his nerve. My friends and I still have jokes about him, where I pretend to pine for him. I also sometimes run into him, but more on that in a moment.

I had sent him the initial message online and we chatted a quite a bit right off the bat. We kept chatting on a fairly daily basis, trying to make plans to meet. We cancelled our first date, since he had just started an internship with America’s Test Kitchen and was crazy busy. He also was getting back into Mixed Martial Arts, which also ate a lot of his time. He was sort of a trainer at this gym in the area, so it kept him busy when work didn’t.  I understood, but got pretty annoyed and backed off on trying to meet. Like I’ve said before, if you’re too busy to meet, you’re too busy to date. We chatted here and there, but nothing too serious and never met up.

2 months later, he texts me “What are you doing tonight?”  I happened to be free that night and was looking for plans. He writes back “Alright, we’re going out tonight”. I was kind of excited- I mean, he still had a slight interest, and he seemed like a cool/fun dude to meet.

We met up for drinks and had a great time! He was adorable and pretty charming. We got along really well. He was eager to introduce me to his friends (not in that “you’re my girlfriend” kind of way, he just knew that I’d fit in with his crowd well). He said he had a going away party the next night for one of his friends and invited me out to it. I said I’d see if I could make it.

The next night, he was slightly drunk when he texted me to come out to the bar with him and his friends. Again, I had nothing going on and didn’t see why I should pass up on a fun night at the bar. I got there and met a bunch of his chef friends who were all very cool. I ended up drinking a lot very quickly to catch up to him. He tricked me into kissing him, but I didn’t complain.

After about an hour or so, he told me that he and another friend were going to go to this house party and wanted me to come with them. So I left with them and went on a crazy adventure through Boston to this house party. Turns out, the plans changed halfway there and we went to another bar instead. We were bored, and hungry, after about 30 minutes, so we went on an adventure for food.

We had a huge debate about food. I wanted poptarts and he, being a chef, would not allow me to eat such garbage. He wanted to actually make some real food, like wings or ribs, but I decided in our state that that would not be such a good idea. This was a hilarious walk to his place, mind you, arguing about food. When we got to his place, we decided to make nachos. Only, he actually grilled the tortillas and made me mix up some salsa and cheese. We ate and watched an episode of The Office before we went to his room.

He offered to let me crash with him since he had to be up early any way and it was already around 2-3am. Yes, we ended up fooling around, but it’s fine. It was a good time.

Except for that we didn’t hang out again for another month and that was basically when I set up a booty call. He’s talked to me once since then, and only when I texted him to ask him for advice for dieting. I was starting to do Muay Thai and MMA and knew that he was a trainer and a chef, so who better to ask? He gave me some pointers and asked what gym I was going to. I told him and that ended the conversation. 2 days later, who do I see at the gym? Yup, he’s there. And he pretends that I don’t even exist. Awesome. Now I look like a crazy psycho stalker, haha. Luckily, he’s only been there twice that I’ve been there in the past 3 or so months.


Author: Jane Champagne

I'm a single late 20s chick, living in Boston. I go on a lot of horrible dates, but some good ones, too.

4 thoughts on “The Chef

  1. What a weirdo, I hate when guys just “disappear” like that!! Can’t they just man up and end things or say they’re busy??

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